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About Us

We envision...

a future in which Bokamoso Foods is a sub-regional leader in manufacturing and packaging of customizable tea and coffee in Southern Africa.

Our mission, as Bokamoso Foods, is to bring the delights and health-benefits of high-quality beverage products to the world. The synergy of our fine-tuned production process and consistency in delivering best quality products will enable our customers to experiences unique standard and specialized blends of our range of beverages.

We are an advocate of creative choices, healthy living, and the power of community. We infuse these values in all that we do.

Bokamoso Impact Investments

Bokamoso Foods has a parent organization - Bokamoso Impact Investments, a social enterprise dedicated to connecting the invisible rural population of South Africa to opportunity via empowerment using a diverse entrepreneurial platform.

At the heart of everything we do is the question "How does our work empower the disadvantaged? We know our product will taste good, but will it do good as well?" 

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Our heart for change

South Africa is in crisis - year after year, the rate of youth unemployment remains at 50% or higher.

OUR VISION involves economically empowering our country's youth through the food packaging, production, and processing sector. 

The food industry, as it currently stands, lacks diversity on many levels - and as the only black female owned tea and coffee manufacturing and packaging company in Gauteng - we've come to disrupt the status quo, approaching food supply through the lens of those most in need. 

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