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Bokamoso Foods caters to factory, mine, engineer & logistic, and construction industries, among others. We aim to meet the needs of any workforce, big or small. Ration packs offer a solution to the extra time, expense, and waste usually involved in portioning bulk food and beverage items to consumers.

We Can Supply: 

  • Tea Beverage Packs

  • Coffee Beverage Packs

  • Daily packs

  • Rooibos tea packs

  • Tea/Coffee/Rooibos Combo Packs

  • Specialized/Customized Beverage Packs, including:

    • 1 kg pack of sugar

    • 250g coffee

    • 500g Cremora powder

    • 1 kg Morvite

    • 1 kg cooldrink powder

    • Or as customer requires

  • Tea/Coffee/Rooibos Combo Packs

  • Got a special request? Ask us.

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